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The Lumen+

An intelligent, renewable energy system that provides you with greater energy independence

Lumen+ maximizes the use of solar energy and makes the switch between solar, battery, and grid seamless. Lumen combines the best hardware and a powerful computing platform to make solar energy simple and efficient.

NEW ENERGY SAVER ALGORITHM | Lumen+ Energy Saver mode prioritizes the use of solar energy over grid energy. The Lumen can draw from the battery at night instead of the grid, recharging in the morning, and maximizing solar energy used while minimizing grid energy used.

ENHANCED HOME SCREEN | Enhanced user experience through an interactive touchscreen. The Lumen+ home screen has regular updates and paves the way for further user experience features and enhancements.
Remote monitoring through a mobile app allows you to track energy usage and savings.

MODULAR APPROACH | Lumen+ battery is expandable up to 11.4kwh.

Lumen Plus 2021 Dark Gray small


Solar energy generation, Lithium Ion NMC battery storage and smart management

  • 5kWh battery storage (expandable up to 20kWh)
  • Split phase inverter
  • Easy to install stand-alone unit
  • Continuous power at night and during outages
  • Maximizes solar power usage via smart algorithms
  • Tracks energy usage and savings via an app
  • Reduces utility bills
Custom Solar

The Lumeniere

Custom inverter

Lightweight and easy to install Hybrid Solar Inverter compatible with different battery storage technologies.

Ideal for off-grid or grid applications. Expandable for larger capacity. Single phase capable (requires min. 2 units).

Tech Specs
  • 2400W
  • 24VDC
  • 32-122 F (0-50 C)
  • 24 LB (11 kg)

The Lumeniere

Custom Battery

High-density lightweight Li-Ion NMC Battery pack provides energy storage for use during power outage or when sun is not out.

Tech Specs
  • Installed capacity:
  • Nominal Voltage: 25.7V
  • 25 LB (11.4 kg)

Custom solutions for utility pole control boxes and substation backup power

  • Custom high-density Lithium-Ion NMC batteries
  • Design to fit any utility industrial application
  • Eliminate diesel backup generators
  • Extend the life of your backup solutions
  • Monitor and control remotely
  • 10-year warranty
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